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Default Star Wars Rogue 1 - pricing on Amazon

On Fri, 22 Dec 2017 18:51:40 +0000, John Hall wrote:

In message , David
Prices from Amazon:

Amazon Video £7.99.

Blu-ray £11.99

DVD £15.85


DVD version £6.99.

There you go.
That was the page I was looking at yesterday and it wasn't showing the
£6.99 version.
Just went back and double checked because I still had the tab open.
Showed the old price, then I reloaded it and a whole load of new options
Ah! "In stock on January 10 2018".

3-Disc version of blu-ray is cheaper than 2 disc version.

Also blu-ray at £22.99 and £26.99.

Highest price showing for blu-ray is £80.89 at the moment!

I assume this is to do with being out of stock; easier to set a ludicrous
price than remove then re-add the listing. Or something.

I will either order from Tesco or wait a while.


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