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Default Star Wars Rogue 1 - pricing on Amazon

There are lots of versions. We blind have been warned to take a sighted
person with us if buying any dvds or whatever as although the AD was
recorded and in the cinema, some releases do not contain it, instead the
shove on tasters for upcoming films and adverts or interviews with stars
You just cannot trust anyone these days.
As for pricing well, it really does change day by day.
I'm still waiting for my speakers but had I bought tem in July I'd have
spent nearly 30 quid less on the same ones. Brian

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"David" wrote in message
Prices from Amazon:

Amazon Video 7.99.

Blu-ray 11.99

DVD 15.85

O.K., the DVD is not directly from Amazon but the other two are and they
are all on the same page.

If I want to get it elsewhere it is 7 for the DVD from Tesco or

I thought Amazon was supposed to be the cheapest usually?

I can see that they want to push the video service (less cost to them) but
priced above the cost of a DVD?

Perhaps it is just Xmas madness.

Or the cheaper one could be the Theatrical Version (had to look that one
up - the version originally shown in cinemas).


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