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Default Amazon Fight Back

On Thu, 21 Dec 2017 17:23:08 -0000, Yellow

Heads up!

Just turned on my Fire Stick to be asked if I want to install Firefox or
Silk which would then allow me to continue to use youTube.

I have gone for Firefox and it works lovely.

Yes, I've installed both and they work just fine. Not only that but
I'd also managed to install (or "side-load" as they call it if it's
not through the official app store) an alternative app called "Smart
Youtube TV". So it seems I've now got a choice of three different ways
to watch the channel that's going to be nobbled in the new year, and
it's not even Christmas.

I should have known Youtube was so popular that somebody would fix it.
I needn't have bothered to buy that Android box after all. Maybe it'll
end up back on Ebay.

Here's the text of the email I got from Amazon this morning-

[Start quote]
Firefox and Silk browsers now available

With Firefox and Silk web browsers on Fire TV, the entire world wide
web is now at your fingertips. You can now access all your favorite
web content on the big screen, including sports, news, TV shows,
movies, social news, and web videos. Use your Fire TV remote buttons
to easily search the web, navigate pages, and play, pause, and fast
forward web videos.

Ready to get browsing? Simply search for Firefox or Silk on your Fire
TV, and download the app to get started.
[End quote]

Do you see anything there that specifically mentions Youtube?
Interesting, isn't it. I wonder if it would be technically possible to
detect, for the purpose of targeted blockage, the use of an Amazon
device, rather than just the Amazon app? Happy new year, Google!