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Now half my message was eaten.
What I said was that there are apparently nobody or bodies out there even
thinking about the content, they just make it fit the slot and don't bother
about the bias or otherwise or obvious questions, just want to get back to
Twitter or facebook or snapchat. Work is just an unwelcome interruption.

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
Afflicted by post-procedure pain I tire of the gradually brightening
ceiling and wearily put the telly on, at 7.50am, seeking diversion. BBC1
has a brown alpha-female (called 'nagger' apparently!) and a subservient
white male wimp. They introduce a silly but seemingly harmless item about
a dog that is pampered excessively. The dog's owners turn out to be two
The next item is about a fishery owner who has banned Polish anglers.
Nothing is said about why he has felt the need to reduce his customer base
in this way, but there are many insinuations that he is simply racist.
I go to the bathroom. When I get back the telly is saying that the BBC is
going to reduce Christian programming and increase that of 'other
religions'. I wonder if this means Buddhists and Sikhs will get a look in.
It's time for the local news. The newsreader is attractive and has a
lovely smile, and is black. There's an interview with a gay man. The story
about the anti-Polish fishery man is featured, despite it being in
Oxfordshire and this programme being Look North from Leeds.
I turn the telly off and play some music. I idly look at the BBC news on
my phone. I read about the recent bad road accident in Birmingham. It
seems that "It is not known what caused the crash", and there are no
details about the 'men' in the car that crossed the central reservation at
100mph and hit the other vehicle head on. However the innocent victim in
that car is identified as a hard-working Asian with a large family.
Strange that yesterday's papers said that the car that caused the accident
was driven by an Asian drug baron who had recently been released from
prison following a 120mph chase. Funny how the BBC missed that.