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Default phone scam involving television service

On 17/12/2017 16:25, Scott wrote:
I got a double glazing call asking when my windows were replaced.
After about five minutes of going on about Windows 7 and Windows 10
and the 'windows in your house' being the home computer and not the
work computer and I understand what Windows means as the predominant
operating system etc she eventually hung up.

We got one trying to sell us solar panels for our roof. It took about 5
minutes for my wife to get her to listen to "But ours is thatched. And

At least _they_ haven't called back.

Unlike the boiler ones. They call once a week or so, a robot, press 9 to
be removed or 5 to be called back. Tried 5 once. They got really upset
when SWMBO started asking for company addresses and such... but still
they call.