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Default phone scam involving television service

"Norman Wells" wrote in message
On 17/12/2017 10:59, Clive Page wrote:
We get junk calls on our landline every day or so. Mildly annoying but
not yet enough to actually spend money on trying to thwart them. In the
past they have usually been from "Microsoft Security Department" or else
"BT broadband security" or something computer related. But for the last
few weeks most calls have started by saying something like "It's about
your television service - you are currently paying N pounds per month for
your maintenance...". Since this is completely untrue, I just put down
the phone at that point to save time.

But it occurs to me that I can't work out what this particular scam is,
does anyone know? Maybe I should play them along for a bit if I get time
over Christmas, if I need a bit of mild entertainment by then.

I wonder what the equivalent is of revealing, after they have spent a lot
of time trying to guide you through the installation of some malware,
that your computer runs Linux. Maybe that I have a 405-line analogue TV?

If 1471 reveals a number, spoofed or otherwise, from which they are
calling, put it into Google and you'll almost certainly be able to find
out what the scam is.

I think that's optimistic

rarely works for me