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Default Samsung Smart TVs and Android

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

No it can't be that because of the very limited Wi-Fi bandwidth from router to TV and also the same video appears on the phone - i.e. the phone is receiving the stream anyway.

I will do a bit of Googling, but it looks like it is peer to peer Wi-Fi aka Miracast.

It might do it that way if you use a screen mirroring method, rather
than an app specific method of "casting" such as youtube, iplayer etc.

But I know for certain the youtube video isn't passing through my
tablet, because the tablet can be shutdown (e.g. fully off due to low
battery, not just asleep) during playback on the TV.

So I think there are two methods built-in to my Samsung, plus the
chromecast stuffed in a HDMI socket.