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Default phone scam involving television service

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Indy Jess John wrote:
On 17/12/2017 10:59, Clive Page wrote:

I wonder what the equivalent is of revealing, after they have spent a
lot of time trying to guide you through the installation of some
malware, that your computer runs Linux.

I tried that with someone "representing Microsoft".
His script was up to that sneaky trick. He tried to get me to install
Teamviewer. I pretended to type what he told me, and then lied that
when I tried to install it it was asking for the administrator's
password and I had no idea what it is because I am only a user and my
father-in-law had set the laptop up for me and he isn't here at the
moment. He gave up at that point, leaving me and my Windows PC :-) alone.

I offer RISC OS - they've never head of it

I also get told my boiler insurance is about to expire.

from KT24 in Surrey, England