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Default phone scam involving television service

On 17/12/2017 10:59, Clive Page wrote:

I wonder what the equivalent is of revealing, after they have spent a
lot of time trying to guide you through the installation of some
malware, that your computer runs Linux.

I tried that with someone "representing Microsoft".
His script was up to that sneaky trick. He tried to get me to install
Teamviewer. I pretended to type what he told me, and then lied that
when I tried to install it it was asking for the administrator's
password and I had no idea what it is because I am only a user and my
father-in-law had set the laptop up for me and he isn't here at the
moment. He gave up at that point, leaving me and my Windows PC :-) alone.

Maybe that I have a 405-line analogue TV?

That might warn someone who knows that 405 lines are obsolete.
Try telling whoever rings that you are still using the little box that
came with the digital switch-over and the SCART lead into the back of
your CRT television. "It still works so why replace it" ;-)