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Default Samsung Smart TVs and Android

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"R. Mark Clayton" wrote in message
On Saturday, 16 December 2017 15:15:47 UTC, David wrote:
We have a UE22H5600AK Samsung TV.

It is "smart" and has the multi-colour logo button on the remote control.

Now you are supposed to be able to do all sorts of clever things like
playing videos from your phone or tablet, and I am trying to do this but
it isn't working very well.

The Samsung app on the tablet can work as a remote control.

The TV can stream video (but not many types) from a Windows PC.

I can't so far push the same video from my tablet to the TV.

All in all, not much use so far.

Has anyone got stuff working with a similar Samsung TV?


Dave R

Yes. Just got an S7. The only TV we have that does it is a 22" UE22H5610
one in the kitchen. It is so far through so many walls from the router that
it creeps along at about 100kbps on its own feeble browser. Cue the S7 -
select "quick connect" and with no trouble at all it throws full HD (Pink
Floyd Pulse) onto the TV seemingly without loss (the phone's Wi-Fi must be
good). Not even sure of the mechanism, but I presume that means two Wi-Fi
channels running at several Mbps.

Repeated the trick on a swish recent 49" Samsung TV at a mate's house on

Pretty impressed :-)