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Default Volume management not.

Yes and on bib radio in the south over last weekend the inserts were
whacking the limiter so hard it distorted and obviously then somebody turns
down the master level and then the reader is quiet so then the same master
of subtle mixing whacks it up again and the cycle continues no doubt till
somebody pointed out the prefade level controls to the person on the desk.

What really annoys me is that back in the early days of Capital radio, one
Caroline, a nice young lady, who did the traffic from the plane thought
nothing of resoldering cables on the kit they took up and could do the
engineering competently on the ground. All these things are not rocket
science but attempt to get stuff just at the right level nowadays and the
people doing it seem to have had their brains removed before taking the job.
Bah Humbug.

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"Alan White" wrote in message
The 13:00 BBC1 News has been terrible for the last two weeks with audio
levels jumping all over the place between studio and inserts and then
for the BBC Scotland opt-out, which has had a different level for years
now. It's not small changes, it's major changes which, in my day, would
have resulted in disciplinary interviews. There's no point in

On Thu, 14 Dec 2017 17:09:32 -0000, "Brian Gaff"

I notice over the last couple of weeks that channel volumes on the freeview
stations are drifting more and more apart.
Have the recently got rid of all sound engineers or is this another case
who cares its only the telly?

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