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Default Sony Android TV's and screen mirroring?

Oh and it absolutely needs to be able to speak the input selections as well,
as this is the issue on my current tv. i use it on a computer and some other
things if people come around but cannot select the input at all as its
totally silent.

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"Martin" wrote in message
On Tue, 12 Dec 2017 12:16:06 -0000, "Kenny" wrote:

Just tried it and it speaks menus, some controls eg: Vol + or -, but not
channel change. Couldn't find anything with subtitles to see if it speaks
them. Speaks titles in program guide, Youtube etc.
BTW who's in Canada? K.

"Brian Gaff" wrote in message news
Hmm, so its a Canadian person. What I'd really like to hear is if it works
here in the UK. iE standard off air program guide reading, and program
description and whether as its a smart tv, how it copes with the UK
players. From experience these usually fail miserably even on smart
so if Sony has cracked it it would be good.
Also of course, is this Android operating system in use for non smart tvs,
so people of limited income can get a tv that speaks to them. its
difficult to find this sort of thing out as model numbers are changing all
the time and shops know nothing about accessibility at all.
Indeed they tend to want to just shift the last model to make way for the
new one with a similar but different part number. Several people have come
unstuck with Samsung tvs to my knowledge and had to return them as
due to them being old stock.


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