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Default Sony Android TV's and screen mirroring?

"Brian Gaff" wrote in message news
I'd also like to know if its Android it has Talkback one assumes, like the
phones do, if you switch this on do the tv menues and program guide etc
speak or have they made the app that does these tings inaccessible?

Didn't even know Talkback on TV existed but I checked and it's there, no
time now but will play around with it later and post back. K.

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"Kenny" wrote in message
Bravia 4K 2015, bought 2016, Screen Mirroring/Miracast not working right,
I think it was a recent firmware update caused it though it always seemed
a bit iffy. Laptop sees the TV and the desktop appears on TV but it seems
to freeze there, doing anything on laptop is not followed on TV. It may
appear 5 minutes or more later but slow and jerky. Mobile phone which
connected to TV before now won't at all. Google Cast works OK and right
click/send to TV works but this is limited to certain file types. Have
done all sorts of troubleshooting and factory resets with no joy. Uses
Android 6.01.
My daughter also recently bought a newer version Sony TV with Android 7.
Screen mirroring/Google cast/send to TV, none of the three works at all!
She has been in touch with Sony Support without any result.
Sony say Miracast is not guaranteed to work with all devices but I am
using devices which did work until they "updated" it and it's even worse
on my daughter's. BTW factory reset on these does not remove updates.
Anyone else having similar problems with Sony TV's, where do we stand

Kenny Cargill