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Default Sky q and freesat

On 09/12/2017 20:12, Andy Burns wrote:
Mark Carver wrote:

the LNB on the master dish only
appears (from the ground) to have only one output. How does that work
then ?!

There are LNBs (for dist systems) that "stack" the whole Hi-H, Lo-H,
Hi-V, Lo-V band onto a single fibre

Then after distribution over fobre you get boxes that split it out again
to look like a quad/quattro output per flat

Yes, someone else has also come up with the same thing

That's it I think. Coo. What a pad, he's also got FTTP internet, gubbins
already in place, and happy lights are on. BT Engineer coming
a week Monday to commission (I'll be there, like a praying mantis, ready
to pounce !)

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