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Default Amazon malfunction in prime?...

On Sat, 09 Dec 2017 11:03:18 +0100, Martin wrote:

My gripe was I got a paid for audio version of a book that I didn't want from a
company I had never heard of, because without consulting me Amazon had given the
company my private information including my user name password.

Audible and Amazon are the same company so you log in using the same
username and password to both sites, and in any case you can buy Audible
books directly through the Amazon branded site without ever logging in
to the Audible one.

Meanwhile, it is worth checking/clearing your "one-click" options on the
Amazon site to make sure that whatever you buy from them always has to
go via the checkout.

I once ended up with a video I did not want because the default was a
"one-click" purchase and I contacted them and they gave me a refund so
that is worth bearing in mind another time.