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Default Amazon malfunction in prime?...

On Fri, 08 Dec 2017 23:18:28 +0100, Martin wrote:

They also own a company Audible that provides audio versions of Kindle books.

They actually just sell audio versions of books. The 'kindle' bit is not
especially relevant to that but they do offers where if you buy one
version, ebook or audiobook, you can get the other version cheap or if
you are very lucky, for free.

The fact that Kindles don;t all have sound doesn;t stop them.

Out of interest my old Kindle ebook reader had audio but my newer
Paperwhite does not.

I downloaded a
Kindle app to my PC to read a book I had bought. Touch the audio symbol an you
find yourself the owner of an audio version of the book.

You presumably had to confirm your purchase though as audiobooks, unless
they are on offer or you have an Audible subscription, are extremely
expensive - 20 or 30?