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Default Amazon malfunction in prime?...

But an awful lot of stuff has free delivery without prime, so where is the
saving. They don't tell you that part do they, however i know it to be true
from last month when I bought some headphones. Wonderfully cheap and get
this, they actually have a standard quarter inch jack socket so when the
cable fails just plug in a new one.

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"Phi" wrote in message
I am using my offer to get free deliveries until I cancel just before

"Brian Gaff" wrote in message
In other words. I've not been near their site for nearly a week this
two emails come through and I've been given a gift for Christmas. A free
month of prime. I don't want Prime I never asked for it.
So being the careful person I am I did not click the link in the
emails, I went to my bookmark in firefox. Sure as they said I have been
enrolled. So why?
Seems totally random, but the other email was from the Echo system
me of some new skills etc, but I've not actually done anything so what is
going on.
I have now cancelled it but its bloody hard work, you just don't get are
you sure, oh no its perhaps you would like the Prime fresh on its own, or
prime video on its own are you sure, yes I'm bloody sure here are the
benefits you will lose. NO **** off I don't want em never used em and no
cannot take nearly 8 quid out of my account in January either.
Its worse than going in a shop with an over zealous assistant. Its more
like those vendors who bother you on holiday trying to sell you leather
goods while you are trying to eat your dinner, except that in this case
unless you can find the right button on a screen several times you get
charged even though you never asked for it.
I thought this was illegal?

Obviously something has thrown a wobbly their end, so folks keep an eye
this as it might have happened to others as well. I'm quite happy with
Amazons service as normal I don't need to pay them 8 quid a month for
nothing I'm ever going to need. I don't want their video I don't want
music on demand I don't need super delivery or all the fresh veg in the
world thank you very much, All I want is to be left alone to enjoy
and getting stuff and using my echo dot.

I could understand it if I'd actually ordered something recently but I

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