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Default How are you Fire TV folk going to see your YouTube from 01.01.18

On Sat, 9 Dec 2017 00:48:33 -0800 (PST), TonyGamble

Doesn't Kodi work ?

It does. I gave it a try whilst I awaited some comments here.

Use the 32 bit for the new Fire TV which is 64 bit in the sales pitch but only has 32 bit Android.


If you mean the new "diamond-shaped" Fire TV box with the wires at the
corners, then that's another step backwards, to add to the fact that
it has no ethernet port or memory card slot.

I have what I think is the second incarnation of this device, which
has both of the above features, and works very well and is easy to
use. I like it, but if I end up replacing it on account of Youtube
being disabled, then I won't be replacing it with another Amazon box.

Until recently I had one of the older versions of their 10" tablet
(but I sold it because it was frustratingly slow), and had the extra
nuisance of having to obtain both versions of Kodi, 64bit for the Fire
TV box and 32bit for the tablet. I wonder what the new tablet uses?
They're definitely making progress backwards if they're installing
32bit software on anything.