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Default How are you Fire TV folk going to see your YouTube from 01.01.18

On Fri, 8 Dec 2017 07:52:09 -0800 (PST), TonyGamble

The YouTube app on the Amazon Fire TV is not going to work after the end of this year.

What do the folk who use it around here plan to do?

Does one load a third party app on the Fire TV or bin it and buy something like a Roku?

When I did my research a couple of months ago the spec of the new Fire TV was better than that of the Roku - but without YouTube I guess I'll rarely use it.


This move is going to **** off so many people it's hard to believe it
will last very long before some sort of solution is found. Either
Amazon and Google will settle their differences and put everything
back to normal, or somebody will find a workaround. Perhaps it will be
possible to sideload another app on Amazon's box, or change a proxy
setting or some other bodge. In the first instance my "workaround"
will be to stoke up the still attached but otherwise redundant Windows
PC I used before I got the Amazon box and reinstate the mouse on my
coffee table. This will work, but if the extra nuisance (and power
consumption) annoys me for long enough, I see that there are plenty of
other Android boxes that look similar to the Amazon one, and some of
them are actually cheaper. We'll see how it goes. I'm not worried.