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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
On 08/12/2017 11:28, Clive Page wrote:
On 08/12/2017 03:27, Bill Wright wrote:
Most people who use Sky also have an aerial, so they have an

Or perhaps because it will cost money to have an unused aerial taken
down, and they just wait for a passing storm to do the work for them?

One sees quite a lot of aerials leaning at very odd angles which are
probably no longer in use. My guess is that they have partly survived
one storm but are waiting for another one to complete the job.

It's very true that broken aerials tend to be left. Mostly though it's
because they still work OK, due to the DSO effective power increase and
the immunity of DTT to multipath. There are a lot of very dangerous aerial
left hanging. I don't like to walk on town pavements.

The guy opposite use had a truncated aerial for many years: just the
directors at 45 degrees and almost no horizontal rod with dipoles (*). I
know we live in a good signal area (about 80 dBuv/m) but I can't imagine his
reception will have been too good :-) He's since had it replaced, so
evidently it wasn't good enough or he'd have left it.

(*) Like the handle of a sword with almost all the blade missing.