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Default How are you Fire TV folk going to see your YouTube from 01.01.18

The spat is obviously going to be solved sooner or later. I guess Amazonand
google might get real and Amazon could sell android stuff in their stores
and all I'm sure would be fine you say some third party will
probably find a way around it. its not just the stick its the tablets as
When you think that Amzons Operating system is mostly Android this all
seems a little petty to me.
Seeing as you cannot watch youtube on an echo dot, I doubt it will affect
me. One assumes that if one puts on an amazon tablet the app that lets you
install android apps that will be screwed too will it?

Bout time all these people realised the world is round .

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"TonyGamble" wrote in message
The YouTube app on the Amazon Fire TV is not going to work after the end
of this year.

What do the folk who use it around here plan to do?

Does one load a third party app on the Fire TV or bin it and buy something
like a Roku?

When I did my research a couple of months ago the spec of the new Fire TV
was better than that of the Roku - but without YouTube I guess I'll rarely
use it.