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Only we in the UK though have such odd names for where the transmitters
were. I can recall the 'biscuits' in old vhf tuners having different
colours and often felt tip transmitter names as well. like the one you
mention and Holme Moss etc, which in my young days I thought a bit bizarre.


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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
I watched that programme last night, the one on BBC1 about the teenage boy
who seemed to be a girl in a boy's body. It was a very moving programme,
but that's beside the point.
There were lots of outdoor shots, and trying to be atmospheric and show
what a **** tip Co Durham is (when you're a meeja person) there were shots
of the huddled-together rooftops. I froze the frame a few times and did a
head count. 80% of the aerials were contract quality Group C/D ones. This
is going to be interesting in the coming years.