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On 07/12/2017 21:43, Bill Wright wrote:
I watched that programme last night, the one on BBC1 about the teenage
boy who seemed to be a girl in a boy's body. It was a very moving
programme, but that's beside the point.
There were lots of outdoor shots, and trying to be atmospheric and show
what a **** tip Co Durham is (when you're a meeja person) there were
shots of the huddled-together rooftops. I froze the frame a few times
and did a head count. 80% of the aerials were contract quality Group C/D
ones. This is going to be interesting in the coming years.

There are reports over in Winter Hill land, that an empty mux (one that
an auto channel scan will ignore) has popped up on Ch 32. Ch 32 from
2020 will be the home of the PSB 1 mux at Winter Hill, so someone
is thinking ahead about trouble (perhaps !)

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