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Default So what is the new 10K standard I'm hearing the new hdmi cablestandard supports,

On Thursday, 7 December 2017 11:17:11 UTC, TonyGamble wrote:
Without wishing to upset you I can easily tell full HD from SD on a 42" screen at 3- 4m, but not at 7-8m. When I get round to replacing our main TV, it will almost certainly be 4k HDR. Not even much of a premium now.

Brian started a thread about the different types of display a few weeks ago and it prompted me to look at a few showrooms such as Peter Jones and Harrods.

I'm still using a 42" plasma and if I were to change I would certainly skip LED and QLED (which seems the same to me) and go for OLED. Presumably there is 4k HDR in LED - but is there any point?


I would worry about longevity on OLED. OTOH the OLED screen on my Nokia N8 has managed five years without noticeable deterioration, however it is never in the sun.

The point of HDR is supposedly better colour gamut (wider range of colours that you can see, but existing LED screens can't produce.