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Default So what is the new 10K standard I'm hearing the new hdmi cablestandard supports,

On Tuesday, 5 December 2017 17:40:53 UTC, Brian Gaff wrote:
And do we really need yet another standard?
Is this for screens as big as the wall of your house?

Not for domestic use probably, but perhaps for cinemas, out door displays or similar.

As it happens I am getting used to having two 4k displays on my PC - one is 60Hz and can't be run off current HDMI, so is connected via Display Port. The other could be HDMI, but is connected via dual DVI at 30Hz.

These are both eminently better visually than a full HD display I have connected via HDMI.

Without wishing to upset you I can easily tell full HD from SD on a 42" screen at 3- 4m, but not at 7-8m. When I get round to replacing our main TV, it will almost certainly be 4k HDR. Not even much of a premium now.