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Default microwave oven power consumption

On 05/12/2017 23:00, Graham C wrote:
Watching my Panasonic cook porridge suggests the inverter doesn't do
what one would expect. On 'Simmer' the porridge bowl goes round and
round and suddenly after say 20 secs, the contents threaten to climb
out of the bowl for a few seconds before settling back down again.,
then repeating after another 20 seconds. More like duty cycling to me!

Then it has 'Chaos Defrost' mode. I put a frozen steak in and set the
'type' and 'weight'parameters correctly. It started a ten-minute
defrost cycle. Alarmed at what I saw through the door after just a
minute I stopped it and noticed the steak was quite hot -well on the
way to being properly cooked. So that's on the way to being done in
just one minute with nine minutes of 'defrost;' left. I don' think so.

FWIW this microwave has been repaired twice within the warranty

Could it be faulty? I have two of these, and they seem to work fine. I'm
fairly sure they don't power cycle. Micros I've had that do have given
audible evidence of it and these don't. Also, our mains is dodgy and
when I put a micro on the halogens dim a bit, but it only happens on
full power and turbo, and they don't alternate between bright and dim
while it's on any setting.