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Default BBC Scotland - scope for confusion?

On Sun, 03 Dec 2017 13:41:49 +0000 (GMT), Jim Lesurf

In article , Scott

According to this the
proposal remains on the table notwithstanding the referendum vote and
the absence of any proposal at this stage to hold another referendum.

My take on it is that the BBC wants to bodyswerve the so-called
'Scottish Six' by sidelining it to to a minor channel whilst at the same
time ingratiating itself with the SNP government by introducing a
'Scottish' channel.

Sadly, the BBC down south has often shown itself to be clueless about
Scotland. But even by their standards if they ceased BBC 4 entirely in
Scotland for the sake of an SD 'Scotland' it would be crazy. Sadly, the BBC
upper echelons have a talent for doing daft things.

My reading of the link is that BBC Four is remaining with only the
channel number changing to give the new channel a more prominent