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Default BBC Scotland - scope for confusion?

On 03/12/2017 10:21, Scott wrote:
I see that - subject to Ofcom consent - there is to be new BBC
Scotland television channel. As far as I can see, it will be SD only
and will take the position of BBC Four (channel 9 on Freeview).

Only its EPG position of LCN 9, It'll have to move down the EPG (rather
than 'up' to the logical position of Ch 7 or 8) because Freeview
platform rules say if a channel relinquishes an EPG position, it has to
move down, so in this case BBC 4 could end up down at 90 something.

Reading the proposals I don't see anything that suggests BBC 4 SD or HD
will vanish from any platform, only that BBC 2 Scotland opts will cease,
and transfer to this new channel. However I'm not sure where the
bandwidth will come from to carry it on DTT ? On D-Sat it will replace
BBC 2 Scotland (because proper BBC 2 London will be available instead)

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