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Default BBC Scotland - scope for confusion?

I do wish we could find some way to get rid of the rubbish channels like the
true tv and cbs ones as most of what they churn out has either been on
somewhere else already or is utter crap. OK so this presumably is a cash cow
for freeview, but really I do not know of anyone who watches these channels
except as a kind of background vision version of muzak. then there ar the
shopping channels. do QVC really need so may?

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I see that - subject to Ofcom consent - there is to be new BBC
Scotland television channel. As far as I can see, it will be SD
and will take the position of BBC Four (channel 9 on Freeview).
the opt-outs on BBC Two will transfer to the new channel so in
BBC Two Scotland will end, to be replaced by BBC Two England. BBC
SD and BBC Two HD will be the same.

1. Will having a BBC One Scotland and a BBC Scotland cause
Will BBC One get a new name, maybe 'BBC One in Scotland'?.

2. 'BBC Scotland' will now have two meanings - the (trading) name
the broadcaster and the name of a TV channel.

3. Does this mean the eventual loss of BBC Four HD when COM7
and the HD channels are consolidated into one multiplex, ie will
be pressure to include BBC Scotland rather than BBC Four?

4. Will the other BBC SD channels suffer a reduction in bitrate?

When BBC Three stopped transmitting on DVB-T, I thought BBC Four
occupy its space. But no, it continues on COM7 (in HD format).
That's why I
asked a few weeks ago in a thread in this group whether the plan was
for all
the channels on COM7 and 8 to be moved eventually to one of the six
surviving multiplexes (PSB1,2,3 or COM4,5,6).

I would have thought that the transmitters that broadcast to
Scotland would
have different mix of channels, as they do at present, to include
Scotland-specific channels or variants of English channels. Likewise
Wales and Northern Ireland.

They do. However, my question was about the implications of
introducing BBC Scotland as a new channel.

Two questions:
Were not these changes in case Scotland won independence?
If BBC Scotland comes into being will they continue with Alba?

According to this the
proposal remains on the table notwithstanding the referendum vote and
the absence of any proposal at this stage to hold another referendum.

My take on it is that the BBC wants to bodyswerve the so-called'
'Scottish Six' by sidelining it to to a minor channel whilst at the
same time ingratiating itself with the SNP government by introducing a
'Scottish' channel.

As BBC Alba is a Gaelic language channel, I cannot see why it would be
affected by this change, and there is no suggestion of that.