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Default Radio I Player vs Podcasts?

Unfortunately it is the same miscomprehension that pervades most
organisations. everybody is on line. Obviously if you are not on line you
won't be reading this, but nonetheless I have a lot of friends who are
either not on line or only use it for shopping or emails, end of story.

The problem is that in fact if you are not connected you are invisible so
do not exist at all.


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"Davey" wrote in message
On 1 Dec 2017 12:49:30 GMT
"Jeff Gaines" wrote:

I have five bits of kit in/on the hi fi cabinet and they are ALL
connected to the Internet. If your TV is newish you may find it is
capable of going online to pick up the extras for you.

Of the items in my living room, only the Humax is connectable. And I
still believe that if it originated as part of a TV programme, it
should be shown as part of that programme, not available only via the
internet. I have no internet, nor connectable viewing devices, devices,
in my bedroom, but I do have a TV set there.
Many folks here have no computer, let alone an interest in the internet.