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Default Radio I Player vs Podcasts?

So they are doing it. I suppose this is just an extension of the bbc 3
thing, where its all on line and to my mind now mostly infantile garbage.

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I don't know if this also happens on TV but recently say in the last
6 months or so when listening to certain radio programs, on R4 mainly
either live or on I player, you hearer, for an extended version of
this interview, download the podcast of this program.
If they consider a longer version good enough, why not simply
broadcast it and make the programme longer? There already lots of
repeats on R4 and that would seem to be mostly pointless if you can
get the content on the I Player but now you have the added
complexity of having to hear it all again on the podcast to find the
extra they did not put in the programme. Also it seems over the
Christmas period BBC are going to bring back loads of old programmes
like the David Attenborough stuff and East Enders classics Morecombe
and wise and two Ronnies Christmas shows just for I player viewers.
Does this in fact mean that the live offerings are going to be pretty
dire this year I wonder? Brian

What annoys me is the offer to watch more about a TV programme by going
online, such as the extension to the Blitz programme last night. Again,
if it's worth watching, then put it on the TV, I don't use my PC as a TV
set, that's what the TV is for. And only the TV set is in the living