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Default BBC Drivel update.

Well as far as I am able to tell you can listen to radio this way as long as
you are in the uk I have a desktop app for it, and it just plays the
stations. If they alter this it would be bonkers as radio does not need a
licence anyhow. I'd love for example for their sign in to keep me always
able, by default to get an audio described stream or I player channel so I
do not have to keep on faffing about trying to see where they put this
button this week. That would save me a lot of time. However I am not
interested in doing anything radio wise more than auto downloading
podcasts, listening to content live or after the event. I can do that now
with apps on my computer. If they introduce log in for this is will stop me
from doing what is easy now.
Do they listen? I doubt it since they take great pains in sending from an
email which is not monitored and nowhere in that email do they give an
address for feedback and if you try to find one you get a response form
which usually has no actual subject which in any way reflects the query you
need answering and when you get a reply its obvious nobody with a brain cell
working has read what you said in any case.

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[quote from BBC]
We've been working to make it easier to sign in to your BBC account,
and enable you to get more out of BBC Online.


What about working to make it possible for me to continue to listen to
the radio, and watch television, without signing into anything at all,
as I've been able to do for the past sixty-odd years?