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Default BBC Drivel update.

Changes to the BBC Privacy and Cookies Policy

Changes to the BBC Privacy and Cookies Policy


We've made some changes to the BBC's Privacy and Cookies Policy. We've done
this so that we can introduce new features, while protecting your data and
putting you in control of what happens to it.

You can view the updated Privacy and Cookies Policy by going to and searching for our Privacy and Cookies Policy or by clicking on
the link below.

What's Planned?
We've been working to make it easier to sign in to your BBC account,
and enable you to get more out of BBC Online. Here's a glance at what we've
got planned:
.. Save your BBC account on your mobile to sign in more quickly. When you
sign in to a BBC app on your mobile device or tablet, your account will be
remembered on that device, so the next time you sign in to a BBC app, your
account will be ready for you to use.
.. Use your BBC account through voice enabled devices. Sign in to your
account through Amazon Alexa, and other digital voice assistants in the
future, to access all your favourite BBC radio stations and podcasts.
While we work hard to give you these new and better experiences, our Privacy
Promise is always in place to ensure you are protected. It's focused on
providing you Transparency, Choice and Trust, and we'd encourage you to read
it in detail. If you ever have questions about your agreement with us you
can read more in Using the BBC.

All the best,


You're receiving this service email message because you registered for a
BBC account. Unless you've signed up for any BBC newsletters, we'll only
email you if we need to contact you about changes to your account.

The BBC will never ask you to update any information in your
account from service emails.

Please note that BBC accounts for children are designed
exclusively for users in the UK. These accounts are not suitable for
children outside the UK.

This email is sent from an automated account which is not
monitored and so we're unable to respond to replies to this email. If you
have any questions about your account, you'll find lots of useful info on
our FAQs page.

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA, UK

Dear Mr BBC, I simply do not understand your comments about radio here as to
the best of my knowledge one can listen to online and other radio services
without logging in at all, therefore you extras seem totally pointless.
Indeed I can say to my echo, Alexa Play BBC radio 2 and it will do so,
sometimes even without buffering and glitches if one is really lucky. I also
resent the fact that you seem to suggest that Children in other countries
are in some way inferior to the UK children. Does this mean Syrian immigrant
children cannot listen to the BBC on their phones?

Confused of Chessington.


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