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Yes well I suppose scraping the bottom of the barrel is what we are doing
now to simply fill up hours. It really does need pruning so we can have good
stuff and relegate this tripe to online free streaming channels or
something. Heaven knowns, nobody would pay for most of it. I thought things
were bad when we started getting Bait car and ghost adventures from the
states, but at least they were a novelty for a while now we get shows
talking about Egyptian Astronauts and all sorts of other claptrap mostly
from US sources. What gets me is who decides these rubbish concepts are
worthy of paying people to make, and where do they find such gullible people
from to interview.
I'm not saying all ufo sightings are rubbish but some of the deduced
explanations do seem to be anything but logical from the given evidence,
most of the time.

Bring on the magic mushrooms.

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You know the other night I was just channel hopping to se what was
around and happened on a channel called, according toy speech in the box
called Blaze. a strange name for a channel and they had this very odd and
rather naff documentary on about UFOs it sounded like the narrator was
English but much of the interview footage was of American air retirees,
all the way through there seemed to be an annoying buzz. Its hard to
explain, there was no actual buzz but it was as if a watermark of a buzz
could be heard on the speech and sound.
I obviously cannot comment on picture quality, but it soon became very
irritating, e even though it was low level
Where do these odd stations get their content from, the dustbin?


In this case it's apparently from a US outfit called A&E Networks, where
it sounds from what you say as though the A&E might be appropriate. See:
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