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Default [OT] LED polarity etc

On 11/10/2017 22:16, David Woolley wrote:
On 11/10/17 22:04, Pinnerite wrote:
We use to use lead/tin solder but it appears 'elf-n-safety abolished

It's easy to get tin/lead solder{%22Leaded%20%2F%20 Lead-Free%22:[%22Leaded%22]}&ResultsTotal=65.

Whilst there are restrictions on commercial use, it is still available
for personal use, and also for some high reliability professional uses.

It's possible the OP has an old soldering iron which isn't hot enough to
melt lead free solder.

I bought some supposed lead/tin solder (63% tin) from China via Amazon for £2.73 post free a while ago,
and it is really hard to use compared to the few inches of old stuff I
have. The stuff from Rapid might be better, but it will cost you £4.67
for 100g (+ £3.99+VAT p&p unless you buy it with other stuff).

Max Demian