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Default CCTV of the recent road accident near the Natural History Museum

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On 09/10/2017 08:02, alan_m wrote:
On 09/10/2017 04:00, Bill Wright wrote:
I haven't seen any. Seems odd.


Possibly because:
i) It wasn't terrorism
ii) It was an accident and the Police are not lo1oking for the driver
iii) All parties involved have been identified

But it was news, and anyone with CCTV could make a bit by selling to a
broadcaster or a newspaper website.

The fact that this hasn't happened makes me suspicious that the police have
instructed newspapers not to publish footage. Of course, once it was
announced that it was not a terrorist incident, the incident became less
newsworthy, but until then I'd have thought the people with footage which
showed what happened might have released it to the papers.

What is the current situation as regarded suspected terrorist attacks: do
the police immediately issue a D Notice (or whatever the modern equivalent
is) banning publication until there has been further analysis, after which
it is not "news" if it is only an accident and not a terrorist incident.

And what about private publication on Youtube etc? Do the police issue
immediate "takedown" instructions to Youtube? Now that it's not terrorist,
maybe some footage will come to light.

Was he an idiot who couldn't read the road and turned too soon onto a
pavement, or did he have some sort of medical incident that led to the car
going out of control? I wonder if it was the dreaded problem with automatic
cars of the driver hitting the accelerator instead of the brake and then not
being able to stop quickly enough (the "elderly person driving into a shop
window" type of accident - though I believe this guy was not elderly).

Very impressive that armed police were on hand to react so quickly. I
imagine that the Kensington museums are seen as a likely target so there may
be police on standby close by.