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Default coverage in Europe from the UK Freesat and Sky satellite cluster nominally at 28E

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Am 07.10.2017 um 16:29 schrieb Bill Wright:
Does anyone have a source for up to date info about this? I know
have changed in recent years.


Bill not a source, but personal experience which might help.

I'm located approximately 52 20' N and 09 40' E. I am using a
Triax Dish with a quad LNB chosen for best results on my SatLink
(strength and S/N), not lowest noise factor!

When Astra 2D was still aoround things were fairly good regarding
the UK
spot beam. Since the change to Astra 2E, F or G - I have lost track
which is used, the UK spotbeam seems to be considerably tighter.

In general Free to Air channels are on 2E and 2F, Pay to View
channels are on
For specific allocations see

This one shows some interesting data on which bird covers which
(non-BBC) channels on which footprints.


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