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Default [OT] Dual-Gang switched 13A + USB sockets

On 05/10/17 21:17, Pinnerite wrote:
I need to partially rewire my apartment. I am tempted to replace some old
double-switched sockets with those that incorporate USB sockets.

Some are described as Switched USB Socket 13A 2-gang + 2 USB.

Can I assume that the USB sockets on these are actually switched and carry
no current until a plug is inserted?

If you have any experience of these things I would appreciate the benefit of
your know-how.

Somewhat OT to your question, but what is the RFI like from these
unswitchable USB power supplies? There's an interesting video here
showing the interference from a cheap and nasty power supply compared to
a branded one. OK, it's not USB but the principle is the same. What I
found interesting was that there was a fair amount of RFI even when the
rubbish SMPS was unloaded. That's somewhat similar to the situation with
these built-in mains-socket USB power supplies. I just hope they're well
filtered. At least you can unplug a noisy wallwart!