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Default [OT] Dual-Gang switched 13A + USB sockets

Yes and of course everyone is going toward these smaller usbs now. Nothing
stays the same.
I'd not give one the time of day, personally. The wall wart can be
exchanged. I'd like to perhaps see a wall wart with a usb and perhaps a home
hub type control. I'd not like this sort of stuff to be in my wall and
needing work on the house wiring to replace.

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"Andy Burns" wrote in message
Pinnerite wrote:

I need to partially rewire my apartment. I am tempted to replace some old
double-switched sockets with those that incorporate USB sockets.

How often do mains sockets typically need replacing 40-50 years maybe?

How often do USB power supply specs change (500mA, 1A, 2A, 3A, etc etc)
every 2 years maybe?