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Default [OT] Dual-Gang switched 13A + USB sockets

Yes and I hate this idea, looks to me like an accident waiting to happen.
Tiny switch mode psus kicking out crud all the time and one large mains
spike and goodness knows what is going to be coming out of that usb.


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I need to partially rewire my apartment. I am tempted to replace some old
double-switched sockets with those that incorporate USB sockets.

Some are described as Switched USB Socket 13A 2-gang + 2 USB.

Can I assume that the USB sockets on these are actually switched and
no current until a plug is inserted?

If you have any experience of these things I would appreciate the benefit
your know-how.

The USB sockets are permanently powered, the switches only operate on the
13A outlets.

Also note that you will need at least a 35mm box to carry one of these
outlets as they are rather thicker. If your installation does not have
this depth of box then you may have to get spacer collars to fit between
the socket and the wall although they are a bit like rocking horse **** to
find. You will of course also need longer screws whether you use the
spacer or not.


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