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Default Modem uptime record

On 01/10/2017 11:52, Roderick Stewart wrote:
On checking my VDSL modem uptime today, I see it has maintained a
solid internet connection for exactly 100 days, the longest it has
ever managed without a reboot (usually around 3 or 4am). I feel I
ought to celebrate, but I'm not sure what would be best.

There is a more recent firmware version for it, and I was considering
updating it, but the foregoing looks like a very good reason to leave
well alone. I hope I can resist the temptation.

It's a Billion 8800NL modem/router, and I'm with Zen.

My Billion 8800 AXL with the 2.32e firmware has been running for 123
days non stop. The VDSL up time is currently 13 days but often runs for
a month non stop with Plusnet. I have it running off a UPS as I find
mains spikes are the usual cause of failure.

Peter Crosland

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