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Default Modem uptime record

Roderick Stewart wrote:

On checking my VDSL modem uptime today, I see it has maintained a
solid internet connection for exactly 100 days

I have seen similar uptimes, depends if there's any BT maintenance to
disrupt it (Or if I accidentally knock the 'reset' button on the router,
the UPS can't help me there).

All a far cry from ADSL2 on a long line which would sometimes have 100
reconnects per day!

It's a Billion 8800NL modem/router, and I'm with Zen.

I used to use an 8800NL in bridge mode, with openWRT on a separate
router/firewall/access-point, and had no problems with it. Now I run
LEDE (which is essentially openWRT with a kick up the arse) on a BT
homehub 5a so it's all in one box (and also has full gigabit ports and
802.11ac WiFi)