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On Sun, 1 Oct 2017 08:51:01 +0100, Andy Burns

Phi wrote:

No comment.

Yeah, I saw a tech site that reviewed the gaming and cinema editions, I
think they expected to find they were pure snakeoil, but ended up having
to admit that they did make an improvement, especially at lower
resolutions except from "retro pixely" games.

It might have been Linus Tech Tips-

He's usually pretty honest about things he reviews. While usually
finding something good to say about whatever it is, he doesn't avoid
the bad points.

We don't get a very detailed explanation of exactly what this cable
(or to be precise, the electronics in the plug) is doing, but it does
appear that it works better on some types of image than others, and
there are different versions for gaming and movies. As it can't
magically manufacture more information than is actually present, I
suppose it must be rearranging the information to make artefacts less
subjectively annoying on their respective types of picture
information. If you spend a lot of time looking at a particular type
of image (e.g. gaming or cartoons), maybe it looks better than the
general purpose optimisation that wouild otherwise apply.