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Default OT the telephone network

On Sun, 24 Sep 2017 08:54 +0100 (BST), (Angus
Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd) wrote:

Does anyone know where I can find a map showing where all the
phone lines go; the routes from the exchanges to the premises
and/or the streetboxes?

BT Openreach has such an online map, showing all poles and ducts. I've
got an extract that shows my road.

You just need a contract with Openreach to use it, by spending lots of
money with them,

there is actually an online flavour that gives the duct map as well,
which is pretty helpful for figuring out where it is sensble to ask
for say a BT EAD Ethernet tail circuit, and which BT exchange it will

what it doesnt give is the mapping for each cable / service into the

and as others have said although there is a lot of info there it isnt
up to date
- i have had new EAD tails going in which had a build plan, but where
the build team have found several duct blockages that meant new digs
to avoid the duct problem......