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Default OT the telephone network

On Sat, 23 Sep 2017 19:41:41 +0100, Bill Wright wrote:

Does anyone know where I can find a map showing where all the phone
lines go; the routes from the exchanges to the premises and/or the

For Openreach I doubt it exists or if it does it'll only be partial
and/or out of date and not publically available. Exchange locations
are a POP to find. You can easily find if a given line is via a
cabinet (and it's number) or direct to the exchange. You might also
be able to find a vague location of the cabinet.

If you are only looking for your local area the Mark 1 eyeball is
your best research tool. Cabinets are obvious. Ducted routes have a
chamber every 200 yds or so, though if in a roadside verge the covers
may well be hidden under 6" of soil and overgrowth... Non-ducted
routes you'll be looking for joint posts and/or small chambers. Then
it's a case of "join the dots" running out from the exchange. This is
probably easier to do in rural areas.