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Default Inter channel levels

That is interesting as a friend says his hd sound is quieter than sd. Also
the idiots at Samsung have not spotted a bug where if you have AD on on the
hd channel every time the adverts or end of show happens the sound goes
really quiiet and you have to switch away and back to get it back again. I
suspect they are trying to mute the AD and mute everything by mistake!


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I do wish some organisation would come in and enforce some kind of
standard on levels of the sound on freeview channels.

Freesat's just as bad

the difference appears to be between HD and SD channels

Swapping from the news on BBC1 (which because of the regional choice
defaults to SD) to exactly the same program on BBCN, and the sound level
shoots up from barely audible to deafening (or the other way round, I