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Default Singapore F1 1st Practice - strange problem with recording

On 19/09/2017 23:01, Mike wrote:
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Bill Wright wrote:

2. What would happen to the PVR if it had its power interrupted? Mine
don't seem to mind, and we have lots of power cuts.

Ultimately it's a computer, and if it's writing to the hard drive
when you cut the power there's a small chance of data corruption.

If you are lucky, the equivalent of CHKDSK/fsck will run on power
up and clean up any mess, leaving you with a truncated recording,
possibly playable.

If you are unlucky, something will get overwritten with garbage
and the disk will suddenly look like "Hey! Do you want to format
this?", losing all content.

If you are really unlucky, the drive will end up with some bad
sectors in, and therefore will need to map them out at some point.

I must be a fabulously lucky guy then, because I have three Humax
machines in use and we have power interruptions of varying duration and
type about several times a day, and I've never had a problem with the PVRs.

I should mention that we are at the end of a LV line that is partly
underground and partly overhead. The electricity people's drawings are
not completely accurate. We seem to go through periods when there are a
lot of brief power cuts and a few long ones. Earlier this year it got
really bad, then it went off altogether. Eventually a 'burn out' was
discovered near the sub-station. As it stands at the moment we are
getting maybe a dozen brief cuts each day. They last from momentary to
ten seconds. Two days ago a really weird one happened. You know that
thing where you turn something on and it does come on but immediately
goes off and so do the lights and everything else? Well that happened
but all I had turned on was a UPS that had no load. Everything went off
in the house. After half a minute it all came back on. Coincidence or
wot? It's normal that when we turn the kettle or something on all the
lights go dim for a second. We are always getting things bust by these
power peculiarities. CCTV, CFLs, floodlights, etc. I have an expensive
UPS for the CCTV but quite often these outages confuse it. Also it goes
to boost and buck quite often, and usually the incoming mains is up to
about 255V.