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Default Singapore F1 1st Practice - strange problem with recording

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Bill Wright wrote:

2. What would happen to the PVR if it had its power interrupted? Mine
don't seem to mind, and we have lots of power cuts.

Ultimately it's a computer, and if it's writing to the hard drive
when you cut the power there's a small chance of data corruption.

If you are lucky, the equivalent of CHKDSK/fsck will run on power
up and clean up any mess, leaving you with a truncated recording,
possibly playable.

If you are unlucky, something will get overwritten with garbage
and the disk will suddenly look like "Hey! Do you want to format
this?", losing all content.

If you are really unlucky, the drive will end up with some bad
sectors in, and therefore will need to map them out at some point.

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