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Default Singapore F1 1st Practice - strange problem with recording

On 15/09/2017 20:33, David wrote:
I record the F1 GP on two boxes, the Virgin Tivo and the FreeSat Humax.

In both cases FP1 stopped about 2 minutes in.

On the Tivo it looked as though there should be about 1 hour 45 minutes
but it wouldn't skip past the first couple of minutes.

Has anyone else encountered this or am I the only one watching F1?

Oh, FP2 was recorded O.K.


Dave R

Most PVRs these days look for Start Of Programme and End of Programme
signals in the broadcast stream, because that is how they find the start
and end of programmes that run late. Sometimes these signals get
wrongly set.

I have had a recording set for a BBC programme that was supposed to run
for an hour, and when I played it back I got a reminder to buy a
television licence and a trailer for a programme to be broadcast the
next day and nothing else - 3 minutes of recording that stopped just as
the programme I wanted to record started.

You may have had something similar for FP1.