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Default battery tools are crap

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R. Mark Clayton wrote:
On Thursday, 14 September 2017 19:13:04 UTC+1, Michael Chare wrote:
On 13/09/2017 14:30, Bill Wright wrote:

Well I wanted to use my mains powered angle grinder at the end of my
drive to cut some blocks as part of moving the gateposts because my new
car is much wider than the previous version (same brand, model name).

So I needed to buy the flex for an extension lead. Previous I have used
rubber covered leads for this. Now there are plastic covered ones which
although cheaper are a bit less flexible.

And don't crack up if left in the sun like rubber ones do.

If you want flexibility, try "Arctic" cable. More prone to damage, but
even more flexible than rubber.

Michael Chare

from KT24 in Surrey, England